HM Leisure PlanninG SERVICES


HM LEISURE PLANNING SERVICES provides specialist services in the following areas:

  1. BulletRecreation and tourism planning

  2. BulletCommunity consultations and special interest group needs studies and assessments

  3. BulletCommercial recreation development projects

  4. BulletPolicy formulation and analysis

  5. BulletCommunity needs surveys and community consultations

  6. BulletRecreation facility program and service inventories and data bases

  7. BulletOperational reviews and evaluation studies

  8. BulletLeisure facility planning, development and management studies

  9. BulletFacility feasibility studies

  10. BulletBusiness plans

  11. BulletRecreation management strategies

  12. BulletManagement reviews and plans

  13. BulletManagement appointments

  14. BulletLeisure pricing reviews

  15. BulletWorkshops, seminars, and publications in recreation planning and management

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Recreation Planning Consultancy